In today's consumer driven world, information is key. VehicleFacts has been established to provide consumers and dealers with live market related information pertaining to the vehicle that they are selling or buying. The traditional “book” value of the vehicle has generally been the accepted retail value for a vehicle, however, the true value of the vehicle is determined by the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale. These live market values therefore become the most relevant value for the vehicle.

VehicleFacts further minimises the risk to Dealerships trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by enabling them to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded. In depth training gives the Dealership the ability to remove microdots on the vehicle and conduct a physical check against VIN details before trade in is accepted.


VehicleFacts in conjunction with their partners is able to provide consumers and dealers with real market related data, through the use of analytics.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VehicleFacts Report?

A VehicleFacts Report gives the average retail value for a make, model, derivative and year combination of a vehicle. A range of values will be supplied based on the vehicle mileage.

Why should I get a VehicleFacts Report?

A VehicleFacts Report gives you the market value of your vehicle providing you with sufficient information to ensure you get a good deal when selling your vehicle.

How do you calculate the market value for my vehicle?

We use market information obtained from various sources, including our partners, which is not older than six months and relates to the market values at which vehicles are traded.

How accurate is the information on the VehicleFacts Report?

The accuracy is dependent on the make and model of the vehicle combined with the frequency at which it is traded.  The information is then filtered through algorithms to remove inconsistencies.

I have submitted a VehicleFacts Report, but I have not received it yet, what do I do?

Please contact us via email on

Will there be a situation where I will not be able to get a VehicleFacts Report?

Yes, it is possible. This will be in situations where we have no trade information for this particular make and model. 

What is the cost of a VehicleFacts Report?

The report is free.