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In today's consumer driven world, information is key. VehicleFacts has been established to provide consumers and dealers with live market related information pertaining to the vehicle that they are selling or buying. The traditional “book” value of the vehicle has generally been the accepted retail value for a vehicle, however, the true value of the vehicle is determined by the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale. These live market values therefore become the most relevant value for the vehicle.

VehicleFacts further minimises the risk to Dealerships trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by enabling them to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded. In depth training gives the Dealership the ability to remove microdots on the vehicle and conduct a physical check against VIN details before trade in is accepted.


VehicleFacts is a subsidiary of DataDot Technology SA who is currently the leading microdot supplier in Southern Africa.  Together with its data partners Bid4Cars, CarFind, WePay4Cars and MotoData, the most accurate market related data is collected so as to provide consumers and dealers with trade and retail values that are true market indicators.

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