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To comply with the 2nd Hand Goods Act, all Dealerships active in receiving and/or selling 2nd hand items must record the microdot number of the item being traded

Benifits of using VehicleFacts

  • Vehicles can be validated before money is exchanged on trade ins
  • Dealership and Consumer Protection by checking the vehicles true identity
  • Participating Dealerships will have access to the used vehicles register in compliance with the 2nd Hand Goods Act

2nd Hand Goods Act

Avoid Scams

Type in the VIN Number followed by the PIN Number. Click the PRINT button and receive your report.


Once the dealership has been registered and verified then you can log in to do an enquiry.


Click the register button and fill in the online form to register your dealership.

Following registration with VehicleFacts Dealerships will be trained on the removal of microdots from a vehicle and how to check the information against the motor vehicle’s VIN details.

What is a Microdot?

Microdots are polyester particles 1mm or 0.5mm in diameter and are literally the size of a pin head. They contain a unique PIN number which provides your vehicle with its own unique “DNA”.  It is virtually impossible to remove all the microdots that are applied to the vehicle.

Why are vehicles fitted with Microdots?

In terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, all vehicles manufactured or imported since September 2012 must be fitted with at least 10 000 microdots. Vehicles requiring police clearance are also required to be microdotted since September 2012 as per the above legislation.

What is the significance of the Second-Hand Goods Act in relation to microdots?

The Second-Hand Goods Act requires the recording of microdot information on a Second-Hand Goods register by a dealer when trading in used vehicles to ensure that the vehicle being traded is the true vehicle and not a cloned and/or stolen vehicle. This is to protect the dealer from trading in cloned and stolen vehicles.

The Second-Hand Goods Act states that:  A motor vehicle dealer “dealing in second-hand motor vehicles must also record in the prescribed register the particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of a motor vehicle”. The particulars are to “include any distinguishing mark or feature, such as microdot particulars.”

How do I confirm the microdot status on my vehicle?

Contact us on 044-874-0836.

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