About Us

In today's consumer driven world, information is key. VehicleFacts has been established to provide consumers and dealers with live market related information pertaining to the vehicle that they are selling or buying. The traditional “book” value of the vehicle has generally been the accepted retail value for the vehicle. However, the true value of the vehicle is determined by the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale, thus live market values relating to trade and retail becomes the most relevant value for the vehicle. VehicleFacts further provide confirmation of the microdot status of the vehicle which is essential confirming the legitimate status of the vehicle, providing peace of the mind that the vehicle is not cloned.


VehicleFacts is a subsidiary of DataDot Technology SA, the leading microdot supplier in Southern Africa.Together with its data partners Bid4Cars, CarFind and WePay4Cars the most accurate market related data has been collected so as to provide the consumer and dealer with peace of mind that the trade and retail values are the true market indicators.