Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

·        What is a VehicleFacts Light Report?

A VehicleFacts Light Report gives the average retail value for a certain make, model, derivative and year combination. A range of values will be supplied based on the vehicle mileage. If the VIN / Chassis number is supplied, the report will also confirm the microdot status of the vehicle.

·        Why should I get a VehicleFacts?

A VehicleFacts Light Report gives you the market value of your vehicle, which provides you with sufficient information to ensure you get a good deal when selling your vehicle.

·        Why is my vehicle that I am checking not listed as microdotted when I enter a VIN / Chassis number?

      Because your vehicle is not microdotted therefore our system would not have this information.

·        Does my VIN / Chassis number need to be correct to get my VehicleFacts Light Report?

      Yes, to obtain the microdot status the VIN / Chassis number must be correct. You can also request the report without supplying a VIN / Chassis number, however the microdot status section will be omitted.

·        How do you calculate the market value for my vehicle?

      We use market information obtained from various sources including our partners which is not older than six months relating to the market values at which vehicles are traded.

·        How accurate is the information on the VehicleFacts Report?

      The accuracy is dependent on the make and model of the vehicle combined with the frequency at which it is traded, which is filtered through algorithms to remove inconsistencies.

·        I have purchased a VehicleFacts Report, but I have not received it yet, what do I do?

                Contact us via email on

·        Will there be a situation where I will not be able to get a VehicleFacts Report?

      Yes, it is possible. This will be in situations where we have no trade information for this particular make and model. You will not be billed for this Report.

·        What is the cost of a VehicleFacts Light Report?

                R15 VAT inclusive

·        What is a Microdot?

      Microdots are polyester particles 1mm or 0.5mm in diameter and are literally the size of a pin head. They contain a unique PIN number which provides your vehicle with a unique “DNA” which is virtually impossible to remove.

·        Why are vehicles fitted with Microdots?

            In terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, all vehicles manufactured or imported since September 2012 must be fitted with at least 10 000 microdots. Vehicles requiring police clearance are also required to be microdotted since September 2012 as per the above legislation.

·        Does the Second-Hand Goods Act 6 of 2009 have relevance to microdots?

      Yes, the Second-Hand Goods Act require the recording of microdot information on their Second-Hand Goods register by a dealer when trading in used vehicles.

·        What is the purpose of a dealer recording this information?

      The information must be recorded on the register to ensure that the vehicle being traded is the true vehicle and not a cloned and stolen vehicle. This is to protect the dealer and the consumer from trading in cloned and stolen vehicles. 

·         How do I confirm the microdot status on my vehicle?

You can request a vehicle confirmation by completing the form found at the bottom of VehicleFacts homepage. You will be contacted to be advised on the nearest fitment centre that will be able to provide you with a confirmation.  Alternatively, you may contact us on 044-874-0836.